Artist, scientist, volunteer, public servant and patriot, many aspects in the life of Philip Syng Jr. parallel those of his close friend and associate, Benjamin Franklin.

Philip Syng jr., Silohouette
Philip Syng jr., Silohouette

Coming to Philadelphia as young apprentices, traveling to London and returning one month apart in their mid-twenties, Franklin and Syng would die just eleven months apart sixty three years after their first meeting. It is probable that no one knew Franklin longer than Philip Syng Jr. Today these friends rest a short distance apart in Christ Church Burial Ground.

To mark Philip Syng’s Tercentenary in 2003, a sub-committee of Landmarks’ Physick House Committee successfully sponsored:The restoration and display of the original Syng silhouette in The Philadelphia Museum of Art’ American Decorative Arts collection.

A Pennsylvania Historical Marker at the site of Philip Syng’s silversmith shop on Front Street just south of Market Street.

The raising, discovery of lost inscriptions and rededication of Philip and Elizabeth Syng’s lost headstone at Christ Church Burial Ground at Fifth and Arch Streets.