Northstar Fireback

In 1979 J. Del Conner revitalized the forgotten art form of the cast iron fireback when (he) introduced two original designs sculpted for modern American hearths. New designs have been added on a regular basis beginning with the North Star Fireback in 1981. This accurate star chart illustrates the rule for finding the North Star , which rules the stars, by using the pointer stars of the Big Dipper.

The way a fireback is used was revolutionized when Del introduction his patented Saf-T-Boot support system in 1982. The boot's unique step system and support wall enables a fireback to be held in place in the hearth, leaning slightly forward if needed, without the use of anchors and hooks to secure the casting.

In 1993 Del Conner and Pennsylvania Firebacks introduced their award winning historic reproductions from Delaware's renowned Winterthur Museum.

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